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CA†HEDRA is a witch house group from Mexico—fronted by Eduardo Fabela—which has undergone a slow, but genuine evolution. It’s always something magical when a band can reshape their sound, ultimately creating a new and unique kind of craft. CA†HEDRA’s first EP 5U1C1D3 was released back in October of 2013; it was a musical mix of dubstep, witch house, and slow, aggravated synths. Though the EP possesses the aforementioned traits, I was impressed by the gentleness of “LOVESONG;” the addition of piano keys created a nostalgic feel. In addition, “DISEASE (interlude)” added rhythmic space to the EP. Now, almost exactly two years later, CA†HEDRA has released their second EP DOOMSDAY [Oct. 2k15]; it is here that we get into the nitty-gritty of what has been brewing in the witch’s cauldron. Songs like “NIGHTWALK” AND “SUDDEN DEATH” utilize a mix of trapped high hats and slow, backing synths that are carried by melodic piano chords; both songs that are great for taking a long walk alone in the night. CA†HEDRA produces music with many featured artists, and DOOMSDAY is a prime example of CA†HEDRA’s propensity to utilize guest collaborations; Seattle’s own Shine Brida is one of those guests. Luckily, I had the chance to catch up with Eduardo to uncover the story behind CA†HEDRA because, as we well know, all great witches gotta’ start somewhere!

Before we get started I would like to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me, Eduardo. I know things have been rough for you and your family; I read that you have been going through some difficult changes and challenges. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. Hang in there!


Jared: Hey Ed, I hope the new year brings a kind of brightness into your days. Musically speaking, it’s the beginning of January and you already released the new single “Alone.” How do you feel about this release and what was your experience like while making it? The synths and beats are nice and dark, right on, man!

Eduardo: Hey thanks for the kind of words! Well, I made that track originally for an upcoming release, a split EP I will be releasing this year with my friend Aglaophotis, another witch house producer from my country. However, I’m not sure if I will use the track on the final track list; I’m working on a lot of new material at the moment, and have actually started working on my first full-length album. Hopefully it will be ready later this year.

Jared: Nice! Looks like you’re going to be busy writing music, that’s always a good thing. Now, Doomsday – what does this EP mean to you? I feel you pulled from deep emotions. Songs like “Sudden Death” and “Dead Inside” create a strong positive reaction from me. There is so much beauty here!

Eduardo: “Dead Inside” has become one of my favorite tracks, I play that track in all my live sets, and the new tracks I’m making have a similar vibe to my latest single “Alone”. About my EP, it was kind of a collection of my favorites tracks I made the last year, I started to work on this EP in December 2014; last year was a rough one for me, a lot of changes in my life lately are driving me to negativity, but at least I think my music is getting better and I’m happy about to still have time to make music.

Jared: I really hope things lighten up for you, ED. How did you come about making music? CA†HEDRA began in 2013, right, but did you have any projects before?

Eduardo: Actually I started this project in 2012 it wasn’t a serious project until my friends of †ENEBRÆ invited me to be part of their new label, Equilateral Records. I’ve been making music under this name since I was like 17, it was my first music project, I started this project making drag edits and some remixes just for fun, but people apparently liked the old tracks so I started producing my own original tracks. A common story between producers I guess.

Jared:  Awesome, you have connections with †ENEBRÆ, one of my favorite witch house groups. Have you guys worked on anything together? Who/what are some of your inspirations, musically or otherwise?

Eduardo: Just remixes, †ENEBRÆ is in a status of hiatus at the moment but probably we’ll be doing something together anytime. Musically producer like Grxgvr, Suicidewave or Blvck Ceiling are some of my favorite stuff to listen to and to get some inspiration, I just discovered a producer called Wtchcrft a few weeks ago and I really love his music style. Also, I will say that all my life experiences are part of my inspiration, music is just a way to express my feelings, a way to express the person who I really am.

Jared: What does witch house mean to you? It’s a growing sub-genre in the underground, but I feel it means something different for everyone?

Eduardo: Well the thing Is, what I liked when I discovered this genre years ago was the fact to see all kinds of mashed-up songs mixing from some of my favorite genres; songs mixed in a unique special way. Also, the aesthetic related to the genre with all the religious and occultist references was something that really got me into the witch house scene. I mean I always liked hip hop music, industrial, black metal, shoegaze, ambient, a lot of genres that mostly you can’t see together but when I discovered witch house it was like the music I was waiting for.
Jared: That’s very true, black metal, hip-hop, trap, industrial are all elements of witch house, that’s one thing I love about this music too! How is the reception in Mexico, for this kind of music?

Eduardo: To be honest people in my country aren’t really interested in this kind of music; I hardly can get support from people or events where I will play my music, there are producers, even some of my friends who make this kind of music but there is no witch house scene on any level.

Jared: Damn, that hard to hear. I know industrial has a scene down there, perhaps I thought WH would cross over. You’ve worked with Shine Brida a few times – “Suicide” and “Funeral Pyre”. I, personally, really like their music. How did you guys come together, since your two music styles are considerably different?

Eduardo: I really don’t think our music it is so different, one of my principal influences is the hip hop and trap music I constantly listened to when I was child, and to be honest it feels really natural to make those kind of beats. I discovered her music in tracks with this producer called Nullse†, then I just contacted her to do the vocals on my track “Suicide” and now is one of my most popular songs. Probably I will be releasing more music with Brida soon.

Jared: Do you like playing live shows? What are some experiences?

Eduardo: Yeah I had played some live sets but they have been really small shows, how I mentioned there is not much people interested in this genre where I live, so I just hope to start touring soon if I get the chance.

Jared: That would be cool if you toured, I know I can get you a spot in LA. Where are you headed? What would you like to see come out of your music?

Eduardo: People constantly told me to change my music style, they told me that the genre is dead, at least where I live, but I feel really comfortable making this kind of music. I just want to start producing better tracks and try to get recognition with this project, I don’t think it is necessary to change my music style to get that.

Jared: I agree, and WH is still very big in the underground music scene all over the world, so perhaps you my not find recognition in your country but definitely elsewhere! Thanks for sharing your voice, Ed! Keep on rockin’ it, your music definitely stands out! Is there anything you would like to add – any last words [laughs]?

Eduardo: I just want to thank you again for the interview and I hope I to play a show in L.A. soon with any luck!

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