is a means of bringing together the K▼LT phenomena known as WITCH HOUSE (drag), that has taken to the underground in cities of RUSSIA, the UK and parts of the AMERICAS, just to name a few. WITCH HOUSE is a blend of hip-hop, goth, trap, metal,industrial, house, minimal and ritual – to produce ethereal soundscapes of [ghostly] beauty and horror. Computer-key symbols (alt-codes) and the mixing of cultural alphabets makes it difficult at times to search for WITCH HOUSE artists. WITCH HOUSE can mean something different for each individual, however, obscure, occult and underground themes always seem to be the main inspiration – dark spirituality/occultism is the spirit of WH. Thus, CONJVRE THE CIRCLE serves its purpose to bring music to those searching.


666 bitch

CONJVRE THE CIRCLE is my own unique project. I have fallen in love with WITCH HOUSE, the art, the occultism, the nature aspect, the music, the imagery – EVERYTHING! I currently reside in Los Angeles, California, attending Cal State Long Beach as an Undergrad for Creative Writing. CTC was born because I tried freelancing with marketed and online magazines, however very few were willing to cooperate or publish WITCH HOUSE articles. This propelled me to take things into my own hands and conjure up my own “zine”. One of my main focuses of CTC is interviewing artists, finding out the stories behind it all. Music is a big part of my life, and WITCH HOUSE has become part of my evolution. So, much respect and love to all the great artists and the WH community.

VЯɃѦN WI₮ϽH Brand  is my Club Promotion.

What Witch House means to me: I am a witch and have a intimate, spiritual connection with the Mother Earth, Sun God and Moon Goddess. Music has always been the driving force of inspiration for me – WH having all the aspects and styles I love in music. It harnesses sounds from rap, black metal, industrial, neo-classical, ambient, and darkwave just to name a few. In a manner of speaking, WH is a cauldron brewing with esoteric sound. To me, WH is part of my spiritual path – music for the WX╪CH!

CTC would like to thank Amanda Peukert for her contributing editorial provisions.