When discussing witch house, one artist belongs at the forefront with all the other major players: OKKVLT KɅTT. This prodigy began in 2012 by MiKe dA kAtt, in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. It was a solo project until September, 2015, when Emily Acid joined up to produce the split single Shiver Inside//Places. However,… Continue Reading

Interview with D/SIR

             To say Wilde’s Crown (February 2, 2016) is an experimental piece undermines the eclectic range of D/SIR. Emily Steigerwald and Hex Wolves reside in Los Angeles, and are known for producing streams of progressive, dark ambient sounds backed by clean drum machines. D/SIR’s music can be described as ghostly story-telling,… Continue Reading

Interview with CA†HEDRA

CA†HEDRA Featured songs: SUDDEN DEATH LOVESONG CULT (CA†HEDRA RMX) CA†HEDRA is a witch house group from Mexico—fronted by Eduardo Fabela—which has undergone a slow, but genuine evolution. It’s always something magical when a band can reshape their sound, ultimately creating a new and unique kind of craft. CA†HEDRA’s first EP 5U1C1D3 was released back in October of… Continue Reading


  SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS Featured songs: DISAPPEAR WHITE LIGHT EXHUME I remember the first time I came across the haunting rhythms of SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS: I was at a night club called W▲RLOK, one of LA’s best places to hear dark underground. There I was, dancing to the chilling resonance of witch house, when I… Continue Reading